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Women for Nature: Mittal Gala and Garima Bhatia.

Bird Count India is an informal partnership of organizations and groups and then this includes government, non-government organizations, groups on Facebook, birding groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and naturalist birding communities, so with all of them we work together to increase their knowledge of bird distribution and the populations and Bird Count India aims to promote bird watching and bird monitoring with a view to generate knowledge and we do this through eBird. It’s a very useful tool to monitor birds.

Great Slaty woodpecker pic by Sanjay Sondhi

Saving Thano Forest from an Airport Expansion Proposal

Episode #21 is about the Thano forest in in the Doon valley Uttarakhand- the state where I live. Thano has been in the news lately because the Uttarakhand government has sought the National Wildlife Board’s approval to transfer 243 acres of forest land to the Airports Authority of India. They want to expand the local existing Jolly Grant airport into an international airport. Listen to the facts from my 3 guests who are all prominent Doon citizens. Lokesh Ohri: Anthropologist, historian, writer and a cultural activist & founder of Been There Doon That. Abhijay Negi, is a young activist-lawyer, founder of MAD which stand for Making a difference. Both are active drivers of the #savethano movement. I am also speaking with Sanjay Sondhi, a well known naturalist, founder of Titli Trust and a community development and livelihoods expert. Photos courtesy: (Woodpecker included:Sanjay Sondhi), Lokesh Ohri and Abhijay Negi

Collective Wisdom:The Best From My Guests Ep#20

Listen/Read: 2 Seasons’ worth: Conservation-related Terms, Novel Ideas, Inspiring Messages & Reasons for Hope. Hi, I’m Lalitha Krishnan and you’re listening to Heart of Conservation. I bring you stories from the wild that keep you connected with our natural world. This is Episode #20 the last episode on season two. I am ever so grateful … Continue reading Collective Wisdom:The Best From My Guests Ep#20


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