Why I Think Blind Leading the Blind is Pretty Awesome

I saw a blind Acupuncturist. When I made my appointment I wasn’t sure if it was actual pain that motivated me or plain old curiosity that made me call. I guess it was a bit of both. I have never visited an Acupuncturist before. Neither had I heard of one in the Himalayan foothills where I live.

There are certain people you hear of that you immediately think you would like to meet and there are those that might as well not exist. What caught my interest was the fact that I’d heard this doctor is also a teacher who is passing on his skills to blind students. He has been practising the alternative science/ancient art of acupuncture for the last 40 years!  I’m very grateful he agreed to meet me though he was under no obligation to do so.

This soft-spoken doctor, whose name I shall not reveal, is an elderly gentleman. He’s pretty spritely and energetic, which instantaneously raises the trust-barometer as far as I’m concerned. Healthy doctors do inspire confidence. He’s good-natured too and didn’t take me to be an absolute nincompoop. An added bonus these days. To top it all he is quite tech savvy and has his computer talking back to him.

I was fascinated by just how quickly he got down to diagnosing my problem. Switching between head and limb, asking questions, moving joints, applying pressure he swiftly found solutions to tackling my problem area and showed me extra exercises to improve my overall agility. All without sticking a single needle into me.

I felt I was being treated by a Zen master and was getting my money’s worth except he refused to charge! This, after spending at least an hour of his free time for me – a total stranger.  Quite the man. Overnight I’m beginning to believe ‘the blind leading the blind’ is pretty awesome. You can see why.

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