Black-and-Yellow Grosbeaks Return to Woodstock School

The Black-and-Yellow Grosbeak (Mycerobas icterioides) is of the finch species(Fringillidae family). Old schoolers, they return every year to the same trees on campus in the quad*. You can hear them before you can see them because they are so well camouflaged. All you hear first is a gentle clicking sound as they nibble away. It’s almost relaxing! The stout conical bills are quite distinct and they’re fascinating to watch… if you can find them!! The male is a brighter egg yolk yellow and black. The female is speckled.  They seem oblivious to the sound of school children and the bell, and they return faithfully eachyear. They’re obviously at home in Woodstock…like many of us.

The Black-and-Yellow Grosbeak. Photo: Lalitha Krishnan
The Black-and-Yellow Grosbeak (Male).
The Black-and-Yellow Grosbeak


*I did spot one in June though.

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