Two videos several birds.

Enjoy two of my latest bird videos.

The Collared Owlet – Asia’s smallest owl is a hillside resident. You see the collar when it hoots. I think it’s looking for a mate even though it’s being hassled by the rufous sibia and smaller birds of the foraging flock. if you listen carefully you can hear another owlet in the background just before the featured owlet flies off to investigate.
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More about me.I live in the Indian Himalaya, in a small town called Landour which is a sort of paradise for birding and wildlife photography. Most of my videos are short and local.
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The collared owlet.

Birds of northeast India

The exotic states of Northeast India are yet to be explored completely; several species of wildlife are yet to be discovered. Here are some the few birds I was lucky to spot in wintery environs of Arunachal and the tropical heat of Assam a few Decembers ago. If you recognize some of the birds do add in the comments. I will update my own list soon. All photos are taken by me. Subscribe/follow me on YouTube, lalithainsta(Instagram), HeartofConservation Podcast, and
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